Eight Noteworthy channels on the MacAdmins Slack

The MacAdmins slack is probably the best place to meet MacAdmins today. The community is helpful, thankful and many vendors are present and listening. 

General  channels

  •  #ask-about-this-slack: where you can meet admins and get help on the MacAdmins slack
  •  #protips: see all posts tagged with a ProTip emoticon. 
  • #jobs-board: get and post job openings. A good tip is to set a notification for any new post, or matching a specific name (for example, state or country). Don't respond here or you'll get the 🐼. Use  #jobs-chat. Keep in mind that with more than 13.000 members, the hiring manager or a member of the team you'd join might be there. 
  • #blog-feed: your RSS reader on Slack. A good way to find new blogs. You can add yours with  /feed. Use #blog-chat to discuss posts. 

Specific channels

  • #dep : for the Apple Device Enrollment Program. It's also a great place to ask if DEP is down, should that ever happen
  • #autopkg : Tim and Hannes are present, and they do a great job populating the FAQ. So read it before asking questions. 
  • #microsoft-office : Microsoft engineers and PM are present and they listen carefully. They also help us whenever we're stuck on a difficult or exotic issue. 
  • #security : some of the best security researchers are there. It's good keeping an eye on this one. 

There are many, many more channels. Some focus on a specific technology, some others on a passion, and many are about a specific product. You can also find regional channels, like #macadminsfr for French-speaking MacAdmins. 

Please remember that this service is provided for free by volunteers. It's ok to be passionate, but don't spam. Please be nice and respectful to your peers to keep the community healthy. Remember there are many different cultures, some may be offended by something you consider harmless. 

iCloud sign-in


I can't remember if I already had an option for iCloud sign in. Things I've seen so far:

  • register (a bit annoying) 
  • register using Facebook, then ask for email and password (what??) 
  • register using Facebook, Twitter or google (not sure I like this for privacy) 
  • and new for me: register using iCloud (read below)

At this point, I wonder: it's a free app, why would they allow me to be only a random ID ? 

Getting closer

Getting closer

I knew it! 

I knew it! 

And of course, the nature of this app is to get metrics from all your other account. So random ID ? Not so much.


The application in itself is quite nice, with AirPlay feature for a quick dashboard. But it's like.. Very...... V...e....r....y.... Sloooooooooow. Feels like my iPhone 4 when I'm using it on 3G. 

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