How to pronounce my name

One of the oldest sound I remember using on my PC was Linus Torvalds', available on If I remember well, I would do `cat > /dev/dsp` to listen to it.

So I did the same

Now you know how to pronounce my name "François Levaux-Tiffreau" but in short "François Levaux" and my nickname "ftiff" (f-tiff, not "stiff").

François is pronounced "fʁɑ̃swa":

  • fʁ: french
  • ɑ̃: la vie en rose
  • swa: swag

Levaux is pronounced "ləvo":

  • l
  • ə: about
  • v
  • o: no

There you know! It may not be as easy to remember as Puhpine Brieyen, but I'm at the WWDC and I really want to finish this blog post, send my essay for my MSc and enjoy it.

me @ SAN JO

me @ SAN JO