Surfin' USA

Just a small break while packing my stuff for the WWDC. I cannot express how happy I am to finally attend it. I remember when I was 7, asking my father every weekend to drive me to Apple France to visit it. He never did. 

As WWDC is my Christmas, I'm now in the mood of reflecting back on the year that just passed.  

A lot of thing happened: 

  •  Amaris and I launched an Apple Service and Competency Center. We are now partnering within Apple Professional Services and in the process of becoming Jamf Integrator. Our goal is to support internal and external needs for Apple expertise in Europe. More on that soon. 
  • SplashBuddy (formerly CasperSplash) is still not released, as I set the bar too high. The software in itself is pretty simple, but most of the work is to make it solid and easy to use. It's great to see more and more people using it.  
  • We've hired Merieme Paulouin and Christoph Fellner, two amazing MacAdmins. But more will join later this year! 
  • My partner is pregnant with another boy, making the life so much fun and interesting 🙄😂 
  • I spent most of my free time cursing about my MSc in Information Systems Management at the University of Liverpool. and i will continue to do so for the next two years... yippee!

So i hope to take the few days in San Jose to relax and learn. My priorities:

  • meet developers
  • enjoy the bay with my Stand Up Paddle
  • Attend the Keynote
  • Get a free Siri Speaker (offered to all attendees like the iSight camera, of course)

and technically, learn about:

  • UX
  • Localization
  • Cocoa Bindings
  • Best practices  

If you're around, please ping me on Slack or twitter (@ftiff). I'll be around SF/San Jose from June 2 to 10, then around Austin/Houston until 12.