KerbMinder will no longer be maintained

We announced on April 1st that KerbMinder and ADPassMon would no longer be maintained.

KerbMinder was a python script created by Peter Bukowinski that would automatically create and renew Kerberos tickets. In 2015, I became a contributor to the project and adapted it so it could run without the computer being bound to AD.

It was a game changer. Not binding to AD became cool and everyone started to talk about it. 

Ben Toms took over ADPassMon from Peter and did some awesome changes. We then created a "secret" channel on Slack to discuss how we could merge the two software together to have it create and renew Kerberos tickets, alert the user when his password was expiring and automatically mount shares (with the help of @kylecrawshaw). 

Then life got in the way. My main client bought Apple Enterprise Connect, and all the others in the team got new jobs. But Joel Rennich joined the channel.

He took over and created NoMAD with the notable help of Owen Pragel. This is what Gala would have been.

Now what's next?

Apple Enterprise Connect and NoMAD are better than KerbMinder and ADPassMon combined. 

We created the following table to assist in choosing between the two. 

In production, I've only used Apple Enterprise Connect. I can assure it's a great software, and support is amazing. I had very good feedback from NoMAD too. 

Thank you all for being part of the journey.